About me

Branding Session

My journey with words

I've been passionate about writing short stories and essays since childhood. In high school, I quickly discovered my natural talent for finding and correcting mistakes in people's writing. While some of my peers excelled in sports, acting, or mathematics, I found my calling in the world of words.

Supporting military families

As an adult, I began writing articles to support military families. I was privileged to contribute to prestigious publications such as the National Military Family Association and Military OneClick. Additionally, I served as the editor-in-chief of The Badgers Bugle, an online magazine dedicated to military families and service members stationed at Fort Bliss, TX.

Branding Session

A step into the tech world

My passion for writing and editing led me to be actively recruited by Apple to join their social media team. In this role, I was responsible for crafting, editing, and proofreading tweets that reached millions worldwide. Working with Apple allowed me to hone my content accuracy and company-branding skills. My journey in the tech industry also led me to work closely with Google's Waymo One team as a Senior Technical Writer.

Experience and expertise

Over the last fifteen years, I've had the opportunity to edit and proofread thousands of articles, books, blog posts, and social media posts. My expertise in the field is backed by my unique experience working with top tech companies and helping countless clients achieve their content goals.